The Art Gallery x Smogfight (CUSTOM AVATAR PRIZE!)


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Another year, another Smogfight...
Smogfight is based on Artfight, where teams of artists create pieces for points! This time, the new Art Gallery room on Pokémon Showdown! will be hosting the event!

How it Works:
Signups will be live for one week. If you'd like to participate, post below with your name, discord tag, and three Pokémon (to serve as your "characters") to secure your spot!
After signups close, you will be randomly assigned to teams of 3. All participants are invited to the Art Gallery room on PS! to come hang out and talk with other competitors!
Once the event starts, you will have a month to make as many art pieces depicting the other teams' members' Pokémon as you can.
If an opposing team member "attacks" you, you have the opportunity to "revenge attack" them back!
Make sure all pieces are posted here and in the Art room after you've finished them! Request to show it in the room, and we will record that you’ve done so; you will not receive any points otherwise.
All pieces will be judged and scored by a panel in accordance with the guidelines posted below.
Over the course of this event, we’ll also be hosting smaller events in the room, including Pass the Picture, Pokémon Zoom, Art Trivia/Hangman, and where you have the opportunity to earn extra points for your team.
- Additionally, we're introducing mass attacks. In mass attacks, you can target a team rather than a player. You can target at least 2 players on a team, up to the whole team. You can only draw one mon from each person on that team; hence a max of 9 mons and a minimum of 2. One mass attack per team
Once scoring is finalized, the winning team will be announced and receive the grand prize of a team custom avatar!

Things to Keep in Mind:
- When picking your Pokemon, please try not to pick too many Pokemon with overly complex designs!
- Updated Scores will be shared in a post at the end of every week, in addition to being updated here in the OP!
- ai is banned guys guys look ai is banned no ai please thanks ai is banned
- yes the scoring system is arbitrary nonsense but bear with me I'll try and keep it consistent and equitable

- Simple Shape | 1-2pts
- Bust to Halfbody | 3-6pts
- Fullbody | 7-10pts
(Each pokemon in the piece is scored here. E.g. draw 3 and each are scored from size. The rest of the sections will take an average of the finish, color etc.)

- Rough Sketch | 1-3pts
- Rendered | 4-10pts

- Uncolored | 0pts
- Rough Color | 1-3pts
- Clean Color | 4-5pts
- High Detail Coloring | 6-10pts

- Unshaded | 0pts
- Minimal Shading | 1-5pts
- Detailed Shading | 6-10pts

- No Background | 0pts
- Minimal Background | 1-3pts
- Props and Scene Elements | 4-7pts
- Complete Scene | 8-10pts

You can attack anyone else one time. You will not be able to attack the same person twice without being attacked first.

If anyone has any questions, DM me on discord (@elphaell) or Kiwi (@birdbirdthebirdbird)!

(Signups end a week after this post was made)​
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